Deena has even helping me to get back into shape after the birth of my son and I have never felt stronger.  She talked me through each exercise to ensure that I was learning proper form, and checked in with me frequently during our workouts to ensure that I wasn’t exacerbating existing injuries.  Working with her has been a fantastic experience. 

-Caitlin D.     

       “I knew that Deena would help me make changes in my lifestyle in the first lesson. I didn’t have loads of weight I wanted to lose, instead I just wanted to tone and tighten.  My bod change was amazing!  My clothes fit and feel so much better and my energy level has soared.  I feel so much stronger and I’ve received so many compliments:  What I love about Deena is that she subtly pushes you to your body’s limit and supports you the whole way.  

Her workouts are fun and varied, you’re never bored.  Deena is always so cheerful and energetic; you always look forward to your next session with her. She becomes your partner and friend in making the most positive changes in your lifestyle.”


- Jenny Chew- 31 year old-  (Client)



       “The most successful workouts I have ever had were with Deena Russo. I am a 50-year young mom of three.  I have been working out to try and combat the effects of multiple pregnancies of over 18 years.  She understands a woman’s (mom’s) body completely and works it exactly right- carefully pushing the limits while maintaining good form.  She never makes me feel bad if I miss a session or have a difficult time.  I love the body I have been building with Deena and highly recommend her for anyone wishing to look and feel fit!”


- Cheryl Raiss – (Client)



      “Deena is an encouraging and supportive professional.  She is really concerned about the well being of her clients and always helps us work out smarter.  I’ve been really pleased with the increase in my strength, coordination, and fitness levels thanks to working out with Deena”. 


- Kathy Martin – (Client)




        “I have been training with Deena for over 10 years.  Deena helped whip my body into shape for my wedding and later kept me strong and fit during my pregnancy.  I took some time off from training after my daughter was born, but since resuming my training with Deena I have lost 30 + lbs. and I am on the road to reclaiming my pre-pregnancy body.  Deena has a way of motivating her clients with positive words of encouragement that build your self esteem, and she is always available with a sympathetic ear to discuss challenges that her clients face in trying to stick to a healthy diet and fitness regimen.”


- Allison Hart Sievers – (Client)





         “Deena is a fantastic trainer.  She is incredibly positive and encouraging.  She knows her client’s capabilities, limits, strengths, and weaknesses.  She knows how to push just the right way to get the right results and best progress.  Her approach is very individualized.  

Deena knows how to adapt a session to build strength or adapt to physical challenges.  She approaches training with a holistic understanding of the body and body mechanics.  Her commitment to her work and her clients is obvious.  What I appreciate is that she makes training fun.  I always look forward to seeing her and working out, it’s the high point of my day.” 


-  Charles Reeves – (Client) 



           “Working out with Deena is great because she makes everything fun.  She works me really hard but with a smile on her face and never lets me get down on myself if I’m not feeling energy on some days.  She finds ways to get my energy back and I feel better when I’m done.  Sometimes we work out in a park and sometimes in a gym.  Both workouts are really good because it is important to vary the way we exercise.  I look forward to working out with Deena because it feels like I’m exercising with a friend.  I now feel confident to wear m new bikini.  Thanks Deena for all your hard work.”


- Haley – age 15 (Client)

  This beautiful woman hired me to get her in the best shape of her life for her wedding. Her hard work and determination and my expertise made this happen!  Oh yeah..............